About Mitch

Mitch Bergsma: AKA MicBergsma

Born deaf, Mitch was very happy and curious child and that has never stopped. He has gone on in his life to live  outside the box. In his work career he has had jobs working in an ice company in high school then he worked at a golf course. After high school he worked at a mortgage company and competed at a Semi-Pro level wakeboarding in many different state competitions. He had a  very successful career wake boarding but he realized that he loved taking action-packed video of others just as much as competing.  He developed his skills editing his videos and  bought his first GoPro camera. He started posting videos of just about everything on his YouTube channel, MicBergsma, which became very popular. His success On YouTube allowed him to make his this full time job. Quickly came lots of views and subscribers on YouTube. Today he is his own boss with his wife working along side him daily. He travels the world shooting videos and has been hired by major companies to shoot commercials around the country. He traveled to Brussels to shoot commercials for a non-profit about the challenges of mothering a disabled child.

Mitch has earned global industry respect as a teacher, videographer, producer and director, along with a  high recognition for his magical editing skills. He is an avid scooter collector, scuba diver, sky diver, stand-up paddle boards enthusiast, wakeboarder and hockey player and is restoring a VW bus in his spare time. He is currently a leading videographer Austin residents LOVE! And is recognized in that city everywhere.