Our Family


This is our family photo taken in the summer of 2016, after the wedding reception at our home for Mitch and Lori.

My husband Andy, my high school sweetheart, and I have 3 children.  We’ve been married over 40 years; all good ones. We have worked side by side in business and still love spending time together so I think we might be a good match. We both have our hobbies; Andy’s is car restoration and mine is garden design, writing and home decorating.

Tyler, our oldest, is married to Valeen. They have 4 boys; Gage, Gavin & Graham (twins) and baby Grady. Tyler, like his brother, is an entrepreneur; owner and operator of his own lawn care  and landscape business. I might say he is very energetic like his dad and runs a very successful business. He has an awesome wife who runs the show at home with the boys and handles the bookkeeping for the business.

Our daughter, Tandi, to my left, ran a very successful Nail Tech business until an accident to her wrist put her  incapable of continuing that career. She is in process of starting another business. Like her brothers she is also an entrepreneur. She has 3 children; Alexandra who just turned 21; is in school to become a nurse. Cameron just graduated high school and is trying to find out where his path will lead him in life. We might lose him to Texas as he has so much fun when he visits Mitch. He loves trucks and motor bikes like his uncles. Noah, 16 yrs old, is still in school. He loves music especially Michael Jackson and really I would say gifted in music. He has some good moves.