About Rhonda

I, much like my son Mitch, have many passions in life. I’m a Recruiter in the banking industry working  the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to that I sold yellow page advertising for 11 years which really developed my love of sales and working with people. I have a passion for gemstones.  I make and sell jewelry in the little spare time I have, and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. I am  an avid gardener, a lover of all flowers and plants. I recently started Creative Landscape Design and work with our oldest son , Tyler and his business designing the landscapes they install. During our years on the dairy farm and as a stay-at-home mom, I would work in my yard for many hours daily during the spring and summer while the kids played outside. I grew all my flowers from seed in a small greenhouse.

I am blessed to be married to a great guy, my high school love, Andy for over 40 years. We have three children, Tyler, Tandi and Mitch, along with seven grandchildren, who are a true blessings in our lives. When we are not working at our daily jobs, we are either fixing up our yard and home or spending time with our kids and grandkids.


Here is our whole group;   (L to R) Mitch & wife Lori,  our oldest son, Tyler & wife Valeen, their 4 boys, Andy & I, center, our daughter Tandi standing next to me, along with her 3 children, who are mostly all adults.

5 thoughts on “About Rhonda

  1. I know you’re proud of your boy! He is encouraging the masses to get out an LIVE !
    We have really enjoyed watching his videos and will certianly continue. Because of him I purchased a paddle board and GoPro do to do my own thing outdoors. I just happened to see your page out here and wanted to drop a note. – Lyndon Jordan / Kansas


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